In-Class Work & Blog Prompt 6: Evaluating Sources
author Gayla Martindale date 24 Jan
This is a blog this is commercial site
this is organization
his article is an updated version of a 1996 essay first published in the Journal of Social Issues (volume 52, pages 25-31).
have citation citation for the updated version is: Plous, S. (2003).
Ten myths about affirmative action. In S. Plous (Ed.), Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination (pp. 206-212). author McGraw-Hill
commercial web source
author Dr. Liu
this government web source
date July 2010 Hall HI, Song R, Rhodes P, et al. Estimation of HIV Incidence in the US. JAMA 2008;300: 520–529.
Last Modified: July 20, 2010
Last Reviewed: July 20, 2010
commercial source
last updated: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
no author

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Blog Prompt 5: Gubernatorial Debate

Debate transcript – O’Malley-Ehrlich
Claim: It’s a consequential race, obviously, because when you elect an executive, executives count. Executives’ impact lives. They impact business cycles; they impact the ability to create jobs in a particular state. They impact taxpayers. They impact our vision and our future.
Data: the reason we have so much interest in this debate, that’s why there are all the signs and bumper stickers running around, that’s why all the TV commercials are running as well.
Warrants: the fact of it is, a lot of these commercials that you’re seeing attempt to litigate the past, they attempt to litigate things about me.
Backing: This is not a personality contest, folks. It’s not Martin O’Malley, Bob Ehrlich. It’s about you. It’s not about in fact whatever 30-second attack ad happens to say this particular night, and you can see them on your airways as well. It’s about us, our future, taxpayers, it’s about business creation, it’s about you, you count, and you get to vote.
Qualifiers: obviously, for four years. I’ve loved my time in public service, in the state legislature, in the Congress of the United States, representing you as your governor. Obviously, thought I was retired, we’re back.
Rebuttals: In any event folks, we thank you, very much for watching tonight. We thank you for your interest, we thank you for your enthusiasm, we thank you for the fact that you care about this consequential race.

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Blog Prompt 3: Responding to a Critique

(Straight Through My Heart)


(She’s a dream)

“Straight Through My Heart” is the album title”This is us” main single song. In addition, there are the first new album called “Bigger” song, is a famous hot producer Max Martin is responsible for the producer, the song describes a “well thought fly.” In another song called “She’sa Dream” of singles, “Backstreet boys” will perform with a longing for love. So I like This song.

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Blog Prompt 2: Stew’s on

My first reaction feel the singer is funny and he sing so bad the other way his action is better than his singing when I watched Stew’s performance. I am not sure what’s argument is about The Negro Problem and the TED. On the internet some person replied for this video about the TED is stand for Technology. but in his song I feel little the Negro Problem, this problem let me relation to “The letter from Birmingham Jail” talk about the religious civil right movement.   yeah, some of comments posted about it reflect different reaction, I am not agree someone commented “the TED is stand for Technology”.  I search the TED meaning on the internet, the TED is idea worth spreading. I think the Stew’s performance maybe to show some idea, and he use to sing song to  spreading to anyone to know what he wants. when I leave Stew’s comment in response to his performance, I feel he use some funny action and not good singing. and he tells everyone the black people need to respect in his life in his song in his action.

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Statement by Alabama Clergymen

Statement by Alabama Clergymen

This statement is come from the “letter from Birmingham Jail.” This Statement was talking about the racial problem in Alabama. And Martin Luther King expressed understanding the honest convictions in racial matter could properly be pursued in the court. The responsible citizens have undertaken to work on various problem which cause racial friction and unrest. In Birmingham have approach to racial problems. To face the problem, they are argument the church religious and violence. He clergymen were communities to withdraw to demonstrations. In the statement they are agree rather with certain local Negro leadership which had called for honest and open negotiation of racial issues in their area. To write statement’s purpose is that the person will be equal and not have any violence.  I find it convincing that they further strongly urgr their own Negro community to withdraw support from these demonstrations, and to unite locally in working peacefully for a better Birmingham. If I was a citizen if Birmingham during this time, I could have everyone who were nonviolence and people to equally. Because, there were no racial problem, no violence, the world become peacefully. And people will be nice to each other.

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Is it funny………? O(∩_∩)O~

Three Little Pigs, pigs A, called the “who” pig B, called the “where” pig C, and called the “what.” Pig A, B, C’s father called “God”. Pig A, B, C’s grandfather called “why”. One day, pigs A and B standing in the doorway, pig C on the roof. A wolf found them and wants to eat them, and arrive at pig  A…

Wolf: Who are you? Pig A: right!

Wolf: What?

Pig A: “what” on the roof.

Wolf: I was asking what is your name?

Pig A: My name is “who”, “what” on the roof.

Wolf asked Pig B.

Wolf: Who are you?

Pig B: I am not “who”,it is “who” (pointing to pig A)

Wolf: Do you know it?

Pig B: yes.

Wolf: it is “who”?

Pig B: Yes.

Wolf: What?

Pig B: “what” on the roof.

Wolf: Where?

Pig B: “Where” is me.

Wolf: Who?

Pig B: It is “who” (again pointing to pig A)

Wolf: how do I know?

Pig B: you are looking for, “Who?”

Wolf: What?

Pig B: It is on the roof.

Wolf: Where?

Pig B: It’s me.

Wolf: Who?

Pig B: i am not “who”, it is “who”(point to pig A).

Wolf: My god!

Pig A Pig B: “God” is our dad.

Wolf: “What”? is your dad?

Pig B: No!

Wolf get mad and have any question: “Why?”

Pig A, B, C: Do you know our grandfather?

Wolf: What?

Pig A: No, “why” is our grandfather.

Wolf: Why?

Pig A: yes!

Wolf: What?

Pig A: No, it is “why.”

Wolf: Who?

Pig A: I am “who”.

Wolf: Who are you?

Pig A: Yes, I was.

Wolf: What?

Pig A, B: it is on the roof.

… …

Finally, the Wolves get mad and killed by itself. . .

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Hello My name is Minxing Chen. I came from China 2 yeas. My interaesting is playing basketball.

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